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Drop Shipping

  • Drop Shipping Program

  • What Is Drop Shipping?

    • You Sell
    • We Ship
    • You Earn Money
  • What Are The Benefits Of Drop Shipping?

    1. No joining fee

    2. 5%-20% dropship discount

    3. Free shipping on orders over $50.00 in USA mainland

    4. Free use of LadyYard product images without the watermark

    5. Timely updated stock

    6. Hot item recommendation for dropshippers to boost business

    7. Big discount items just for dropshippers. Or some just for you only

    8. No need for your own warehouse storage,inventory or shipping

    9. No minimum sale volume requirement on first level

    10. Import bulk orders on dropship center

    11. There are no costs until a sale has been made making Cash flow simpler

    12. Focus on selling and gain profits

  • How Do I Become A Dropshipper With LadyYard?

    Sign in and apply trader account here

    You will receive the confirmation E-mail when your dropship account is activated.

    You initially receive 5% discount on your orders, as your drop shipping sales increase your discount also increases.

    Note:Dropshippers can sell products on your website or shop, but selling our products on all of Amazon, Ebay and Wal-mart websites is not permitted.

  • What Are The Discounts Of Drop Shipping?

    Dropshipping Total Sales From You Account Drop Shipping Discoount Account Level
    0-$1000 5% Bronze
    $1000-$5000 8% Silver
    $5000-$20000 11% Gold
    $20000-50000 15% Platinum
    >$50000 20% Diamond
  • Where Can I Find More Information About Drop Shipping?

    If you are interested or want further information we have a Skype account or dedicated email account,we will reply you soon.

    Contact Us – [email protected]