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SAME CHARM TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Shoppers.Comfortable.Fashion.

Lady Yard is an online lady shopping platform. We are committed to providing shoppers with comfortable, fashion, high quality, and fine products. 360°serve the women

Who We Are

Lady Yard provides One Stop Shopping Service. You can find all Lady products here,and our expert team will deal your order right and rapidly. Free or low cost shipping freight.

Our vision is 360°serve the women, start to care women's whole life from when they are born.
Category mainly of: Lady Clothing, Lady Shoes, Lady Bags, Lady Accessories,Lady Jewelry, Lady Beauty, Lady Health, etc...

All ladies,need a yard,here will be your warm home.
Find your style,meet the world popular,love life and care healthy here.
Lady Yard provide the best products service which help you to find your self.